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Crested Butte

Thinking about a Crested Butte vacation? The town of Crested Butte, Colorado is often described as a surf town in the mountains. It’s one of those places where you can go and just relax. Stroll up and down Elk Avenue, the town’s main drag, and check out the shopping, galleries, and more good restaurants and bars than a town this size normally has. Crested Butte, which is part of the region of Colorado known as the Western Slope, is located about 30 miles north of Gunnison on Highway 135. Visitors make the pilgrimage to this place for its legendary mountain bike trails, beautiful wildflowers and steep skiing. Check out our Crested Butte FAQ guide for more.

Crested Butte History

The attitude of present-day Crested Butte is a direct result of the town’s history. CB, unlike many of the ski valleys in Colorado, was primarily a coal mining town. That’s part of why so many other main streets are decked out with brick buildings and our National Historic District is primarily colorfully painted wooden buildings.

Crested Butte Hotels

Crested Butte is host to an array of bed-and-breakfasts that are cute, cozy and historic. Staying in any type of hotel or vacation rental in Crested Butte will put you smack in the middle of the downtown scene. Restaurants, bars and all the rest of the fun things to do in downtown Crested Butte will be within walking distance. Choose from an array of lodging types. No matter where you stay, you’ll gain an intimate experience in this quirky town.

Crested Butte Restaurants

Choose from a wide array of restaurants in Crested Butte. From Asian fusion, to traditional Italian, to French fine dining, Crested Butte has almost any type of food or ambiance you’re looking for. You can find cocktail bars, coffee shops, pizzerias and more, all in just a few blocks. Whether you’re hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s a restaurant in Crested Butte for you.

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