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ICELab Business Incubator

A program for emerging businesses in the Gunnison Valley

Building a business, especially in rural Colorado, can be difficult. The Business Incubator hosted by the ICELab @ Western is designed to fuel the growth of early-stage businesses in the Gunnison Valley. The program will provide startups with the tools and resources needed to build a successful business from the ground up. Having a local Gunnison Valley cohort means that everyone understand the unique challenges of building a business in a small community. This supportive community will help you learn and grow during the Incubator.

What is the ICELab Business Incubator?

Boost your startup in the Gunnison Valley

During the five-week business incubator founders and teams develop successful business habits, create a solid business model and expand their entrepreneurial mindset to maximize their ideas. Topics covered include marketing, public relations, finances, customer segmentation, go-to-market strategy, DTC and wholesale. Participants will build connections among each other and the local business community. Participants will also become well-versed in Colorado business resources and statewide economic development programs. At the end of the program, participants should have an attainable business plan and resources and knowledge to continue scaling their operations. Companies in the Incubator will develop successful business habits, create a business model and get tools to maximize their ideas. Companies will also receive a free ICELab membership and the ability to meet with ICELab staff and mentors for advice, support, and encouragement. The program culminates with a Community Pitch Event where participants are able to share their business with the community by presenting a pitch they could give to potential investors. The Business Incubator will cost $500.  

How do I apply for the ICELab Business Incubator?

Check back later for more event information. 

Learn more about the Business Incubator

The history of the Business Incubator

The ICELab’s Business Incubator is designed to boost local Gunnison Valley exporter companies. You can watch a video about the program and take a look at past companies below. 

Incubator Program Testimonial

“The ICELab and the Incubator team were a pleasure to work with and so helpful in turning an idea and a prototype into a product and a go-to market strategy which is moving forward today. The structure and the resources that the Incubator program bring to a lean startup business are invaluable.”

– Rob Harper, The Shade

The ICELab at Western

The ICELab at Western is a business resource center and coworking space focused on economic development. Are you in Gunnison Crested Butte to bike or ski but still need to work remotely? Check out the ICELab for office space and an internet connection. It provides business consulting, resources and office space for local businesses and remote workers. The ICELab’s mission is to help the small businesses in Gunnison and Crested Butte grow, as well as help new businesses get started. 

Other Regional Resources

Startup Colorado

Startup Colorado is a network for entrepreneurs in rural Colorado. Startup Colorado supports these entrepreneurs through a free online network, direct funding, events and programming, and collaboration with local business resources. 

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