Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee

The Gunnison County STOR committee was formed in 2018 to facilitate communication and idea-sharing between land managers, trails organizations, tourism industry professionals and other local leaders. The committee meets monthly to discuss opportunities for collaboration between entities. The goal of the STOR committee is to balance recreation with conservation. Meeting information can be found on the Gunnison County website

Stewardship Fund

The Gunnison County Stewardship Fund was created to address resource damage, overcrowded campgrounds, disturbance to wildlife, and other impacts to public lands. Each year, local organizations can apply for Gunnison Fund donations to support stewardship projects in the Gunnison Valley. These funds are then used to improve the public lands visitor experience and protect the ecosystem through active stewardship projects. Donate or learn more about the Gunnison County Stewardship Fund by clicking the button below.

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Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA)

CBMBA is the oldest mountain bike club on the planet! Founded in 1983 as a bunch of riders who wanted to coordinate with each other for rides, races, events, and trail projects, CBMBA has grown and is now a full-fledged 501(c)(3) non-profit that maintains over 450+ miles of singletrack around Crested Butte.

CBMBA’s Mission is to build, maintain, and advocate for sustainable trails and to steward the landscape of Crested Butte and beyond. CBMBA works to balance recreation with conservation, minimizing the environmental impacts of trails when possible. CBMBA believes that recreation engenders authentic connections to the environment and seeks to use recreation as a tool for environmental awareness.

CBMBA hosts trail work days throughout the summer. This is a great way to give back, get involved in the community and meet other people who love bikes. Learn more about volunteering below.

Gunnison Trails

Gunnison Trails is a non-profit trail advocacy organization established to assist land managers and other organizations and stakeholders, in maintaining existing trails, educating users on responsible trail-based recreation, and pursuing new opportunities for biking, running, and hiking trails which promote sustainable trail use throughout Gunnison County.

If you’d like to give back Gunnison Trails offers a few ways to volunteer. On Tuesdays during the summer volunteers help build, maintain and clean trails and campsites for Trailwork Tuesday. To learn more about Trailwork Tuesdays and other ways to volunteer click the button below.

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