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No doubt, living off the beaten path can pose certain challenges. You’re not going to find the same connectivity that you do in a big, urban environment and not all our roads are paved.

But some things might surprise you about the infrastructure of the Gunnison Valley, like the extreme walkability of the downtowns in Gunnison and Crested Butte. Or the fact that we have a valley-wide public transit system – and it runs for free.

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Getting Around

Drive, take the bus or fly into the Gunnison Valley. The valley is accessed via U.S. Highway 50, which connects to major highway arteries and bigger cities like Grand Junction, Denver, Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City, Utah. Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport offers direct air service to Denver, as well as Dallas and Houston, Texas. In the valley, locals and visitors alike enjoy free bus service from home to work, and to the mountain.


Utility services in the Gunnison Valley are provided both at the local municipal and county levels. Read on for specifics and contact information.

Region Breakdown

City of Gunnison

The City of Gunnison’s Public Works Department provides utility services to city residents, including electric, water, sewer, refuse, and recycling services.

Contact the City of Gunnison Public Works Department for information and service activation.

Town of Crested Butte

The Town of Crested Butte provides water and sewer services, as well as trash and recycling, for town residents.

Visit the Town of Crested Butte website for rate and payment information.

Town of Mt. Crested Butte

Trash and recycling services are provided in the Town of Mt. Crested Butte through Waste Management of Colorado.

More information can be found on the Mt. Crested Butte website.

Valley-Wide Utility Services

The following utility services are available outside of the specific municipal services listed above.

Water and Sewer

The Dos Rios Water Division and the Antelope Hills Water Division provide water and wastewater services throughout much of the Gunnison Valley. Monthly water and sewer payments are managed through Gunnison County Public Works.

Visit Gunnison County Public Works for service area information and payment options.

Electric and Natural Gas

The Gunnison County Electric Association covers electricity needs for most of the Gunnison Valley. Contact the Gunnison County Electric Association at (800) 726-3523 or email [email protected]

Natural gas services are also available in the Gunnison Valley, via ATMOS Energy. Call (888) 442-1313 for information, or visit

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Internet and Telecommunications

In April 2018, Colorado Governor Bill Hickenlooper signed a bill that will commit $115 million over five years to bring improved high-speed internet to under-served rural areas of the state as part of a broader legislative agenda that includes vigorous state investment in rural development.

That is great news for Gunnison Valley where efforts are already underway to improve access to internet and cell phone services.


Several local governments and other entities are part of a broadband improvement project led by the Region 10 League for Economic Assistance and Planning. The group has recently created a 10Gbps connection from Montrose to Gunnison that terminates at Western Colorado University (WCU). Plans are underway to construct a permanent Carrier Neutral Location in Gunnison to provide local providers with access to that bandwidth for commercial use.

This project is essential as it provides much needed broadband “redundancy” for the Gunnison Valley residents and businesses. Region 10 will continue to explore potential routes/infrastructure to Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte, should they decide to participate in the future.

In late 2017, the Gunnison Valley Hospital received a grant to improve redundancy and  and Central Colorado Telecom using the Gunnison MetRec tower locations on Monarch and W mountain brought in a microwave link from the San Luis valley. While the link is for the hospital, Central Colorado Telecom will make it available to other entities for redundant connectivity. WCU is setting up to utilize a portion of this link. MetRec is also using it to communicate with its equipment on Monarch to reduce the need to travel to the site to handle certain actions. Starting bandwidth is 0.5 Gigabit while it can be scaled to at least 2 Gigabit in the future.

In addition, telecommunications company CenturyLink is currently laying redundant fiber optic cable over Cottonwood Pass during repaving operations.

Depending on location, local and regional internet providers offer a full array of packages to suite any business needs: DSL, cable, satellite and more.

Cellular Service

Location is essential for quality cell coverage. Depending on location, connectivity tends to differ from carrier to carrier. As expected, cell coverage improves closer to population and tourism bases throughout the valley. Farther away from the major population and tourism bases, cell service may weaken.

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Shipping and Manufacturing

Despite the remote location of the Gunnison Valley, there are several central modes for import and export. Many of our growing companies developing custom or specialty products report that the available shipping options are not cost-prohibitive and, in fact, sufficient for their businesses.

We are poised for growth in manufacturing, with an available mix of undeveloped land designated for commercial and light industrial uses. There are numerous industrial parks throughout the County. The annexation of a large parcel into the City of Gunnison, known as Gunnison Rising, will support the opportunity for commercial and industrial growth for years to come. Relative to most other mountain ski valleys in the Rocky Mountains, our real estate prices remain relatively low.


Various freight options are available from the following transport agencies:

Gunnison Trucking

601 S Boulevard St, Gunnison, CO 81230
(970) 209-1547

Gunnison Shipping

  • Industrial equipment
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Office equipment
  • Palletized items
  • Less-than-truck-load (LTL)
  • Domestic air cargo
  • Less-than-container-load (LCL)
  • Expedited freight
  • Deferred, economy freight
  • Household Goods
  • Sculptures

FedX Ground Hub

49 Basin Park Dr
(800) 463-3339

UPS Ground Hub

918 W San Juan Ave A
(970) 641-3277

United States Postal Service

200 N Wisconsin St, Gunnison, CO 81230
(800) 275-8777

RAC Transport

Regional Terminals are available in Salida and Montrose with service to the Gunnison Valley.

Railroad & Port

Service is available out of Delta, CO. Learn more at Delta County Economic Development Alliance.

Government Assistance & Educational Resources for Manufacturing

Access to the Small Manufacturer’s Association and Manufacturer’s Edge is available through the West Central Small Business Development Center office. Sign up for services at and the team can assist you with direct consulting to solve for manufacturing issues and connection to resources available through the State of Colorado.

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Over the years, Gunnison Crested Butte has fostered a quickly growing and welcoming business scene right in the heart of the rugged Elk Mountains. While seemingly disconnected from the busy streets of city centers, the area has accomodating infrastructure allowing for new and exciting business opportunities for mountain-minded individuals.

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