The Gunnison Valley has extensive education opportunities to puruse, further highlighted by Western Colorado University and a top-rated public school district. The Gunnison Valley only has a population of about 16,000 people total. However, the learning opportunities for individuals of all ages rival many much larger cities in caliber and outright win in terms of intimacy and accessibility. Average educational attainment of our citizens in this Valley is far higher than the state average.

From the Gunnison Observatory and Western State Colorado University in the south end of the Valley to the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory and the Adaptive Sports Center in the north end, opportunities for educational experiences here in the Gunnison Valley are one of our greatest assets.

Home To Big Dreamers and Doers.

Work Hard. Play, Harder

Ski in the morning, head to work in the afternoon, and still have time leftover for night classes. Regardless of what you’re pusuing, chances are you can find it here. We take an enormous amount of pride in offering a venue for amitious learners and eager adventurers.

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Western Colorado University

Part of the well-regarded State University system in Colorado, Western offers a great education at an affordable price. Some of the top programs include geology, exercise science, and the first Outdoor Industry MBA program in the United States.

icelab lobby

ICELab Innovation Center

The ICELab is Gunnison’s all-in-one business resource center. The facility includes open coworking space, private office space, fully equipped conference rooms and even a coffee-shop. Our prime location in Escalante Terrace on the Western Colorado University campus makes the ICELab an ideal fusion point for the business community, the University, and the students.

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While most of the educational opportunities detailed above connect us with the larger world and allow us to look outward, the One Valley Prosperity Project offered us an opportunity to look within and learn more about ourselves. The outcome of that project was the One Valley Prosperity Strategy, designed to help us advance the cause of prosperity for all in the Gunnison Valley.

teacher teaching at watershed school district


The Gunnison Watershed School District has top-rated schools on a state-wide and nation-wide scale. Outstanding teachers, rich extracurricular experiences, and community support for education mean that our K-12 students have the opportunity to receive an excellent education here.

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