What is GRAB 5-10-7

It’s a Goal

Driven out of a commitment to goal-setting as a community, GRAB 5-10-7 is a goal to Grow, Retain, Attract, and/or Build five companies generating approximately $10 Million each in annual revenues over the next seven years. These companies will have an average of 30 employees and at least 80% of those employees will live in Gunnison County. Better yet, these companies will provide average annual salaries of $70k.

Our community continues to struggle with a low median income and an increased cost of living. Smart growth, as articulated in our plan to GRAB 5-10-7, is essential to our sustainability as a rural and remote collection of mountain towns. The focus on living wages, not just on diversifying the job economy away from low-paying tourist jobs, is vital.

With a Specific Target

The Gunnison Valley continues to rise as a collaborative community. With the intentional absence of a traditional economic development corporation, the goal to GRAB these companies is driven by a joint Economic Diversity Project Team comprised of residents and leaders from the ICELab @Western and the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association in partnership with city/town and County staff and elected officials.

In our work together, we decided to reframe typical economic development goals such as “increase jobs” or “raise wages.” Instead, we chose to get tangible and this ignited a change in thinking. In early work at the ICELab to launch GRAB, startups and founders are adjusting their thinking and business models in pursuit of this goal. Local small business owners ask team members how they can be one of the five businesses The success of GRAB will contribute to sustainable business growth, workforce development, and enhanced quality of life simultaneously.

To Build Your Next (Ad)venture Here

We thrive on challenge out here at 8,000 feet just west of the Continental Divide in the land of adventure. The GRAB mission is just that, a challenge to not only pursue the outdoors but to elevate our economic climate. The Gunnison Valley is an incredible place to start or expand your venture. The ample support and resources are aligned with the State of Colorado, creating an army committed to business success. Relative to other mountain towns the price of real estate remains relatively accessible, and with the annexation of a large parcel of land in the south valley, there is space to grow.

If you are ready to build your business here, feel free to connect with our team here.

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