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ICELab Fellowship Program


The ICELab is the innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Gunnison County. Our primary mission is “To create higher-paying jobs in Gunnison County.” To accomplish this mission, we focus our efforts on existing local businesses, recruiting new businesses, and startup businesses. We run several annual business development programs (AKA, Incubator and Accelerators) that cover a wide range of topics and require a diverse set of skills. By way of these programs, we have the pleasure of working with companies that are in rapid growth. Through a strategic partnership with Western Colorado University, we see an opportunity to connect students with companies to support business development while providing valuable work experience to emerging professionals. All companies are vetted by ICELab staff and a diverse group of mentors.



This program will establish a fellowship of up to 10 top-notch students from a variety of departments to immerse themselves in the complexities of economic development and business development. These students will be easily connected with local businesses and entrepreneurs and gain valuable experience through real-world applications. Our intent is not for students to be dealt busy work but rather to engage in meaningful work experiences that make valuable contributions to startup companies participating in ICELab programs. Students will also gain a better understanding of the role of local government in economic development, particularly in rural, tourism-based economies. Work duties may include but are not limited to: product design, graphic design, marketing, sales, communications, shipping, data management, accounting and more. 


Applicant Requirements:

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
  • Must be a second-semester sophomore or have earned at least 40 credit hours. 
  • Must have letters of reference from two Western faculty or staff.


Program Structure:

The Fellowship will kick off with an ICELab networking event, where students will have a chance to meet with TAPP staff and ICELab entrepreneurs. These students will then be required to attend bi-weekly networking meetings with local business and community leaders, attend one city council meeting per month and partner with approved ICELab businesses to complete graduate-level projects under approval from ICELab staff. Students will also be required to attend one ICELab Incubator session per week throughout the duration of the incubator. 


Application Process:

Applications will open on December 1, 2021. Each student will submit their application with a resume, cover letter, and references via Handshake. After review, selected applicants will be interviewed by ICELab staff and board members. Up to 10 applicants will be inducted into the ICELab Fellowship Program starting January 24th, 2022 and conclude April 29, 2022.



Fellows will learn valuable workplace skills directly from entrepreneurs, ICELab staff/mentors, and community leaders. As an integral part of the ICELab community, Fellows will receive an ICELab semester membership, the opportunity to network with local and national entrepreneurs and alumni, and gain real-world experience engaging with startups in various phases of their development. Upon completion of the semester-long Fellowship, participants will receive a certificate commemorating their experience along with a list of potential references. This is a prestigious Fellowship program that will continue to grow and evolve for many years to come. 

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