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Higher Education is the Key to Business Ownership

Written by guest writer Amy Collett of bizwell.org

Hoping to build a career on your own terms you can be proud of? If so, starting a business might be a good move for you. That said, many potential entrepreneurs aren’t entirely sure where to start and worry that knowledge gaps might prevent their business from thriving. Going back to school and earning a degree can help bridge the gap and strengthen your business. Gunnison Crested Butte Tourism is here to explain how.

School Sharpens Your Skills

The most straightforward way that earning a degree prepares you for business ownership is how the coursework itself sharpens your skillset. When you go back to school to earn a bachelor’s or start an MBA program, you develop a far better sense of the management approaches, financial literacy and market analytics skills you need to succeed as a business.

This can be especially useful if it’s been a while since you attended school. The business world is always fluctuating and adapting to the most effective techniques. Going back to school puts you in a prime position to learn what has — and hasn’t — changed as far as best practices are concerned. You will also be empowered to come up with a solid game plan for your own business.

Also, with all the free tools available these days, from social media that you can use to reach a gigantic customer base to this tool to let you merge PDF​ files, now is the perfect time to get started.

Higher Education Creates Connections

Another benefit of going back to school is that it’s a prime networking opportunity. So many of the people you’ll study with and learn from could be valuable people to have on your team once you’re ready to get your business started. Take full advantage of networking opportunities and get to know your peers. You never know who might have the skills your business will need to thrive.

One of the challenges many former students face is keeping up with their professional networks after they’ve left school. Many people mistakenly think you have to have a casual or personal relationship with someone in order to turn to them professionally but this isn’t necessarily true. It’s perfectly acceptable to contact someone with a professional matter years after you’ve last spoken. Obviously staying in peoples’ orbit will keep you on their minds but losing touch with someone does not rule them out as a contact forever.

That said, checking in with people periodically still makes good sense. Scheduling a chat over coffee or even just checking in over email or social media gives you a chance to catch up on projects and ideas and gives you opportunities to spark collaboration.

A Change of Pace Awakens Opportunity

Finally, going back to school shakes up your routine in a major way. That shake-up can be an extremely effective tool when it comes to helping you figure out exactly what you want to do business-wise. It can be incredibly hard to imagine a lifestyle outside of it when you’re stuck in your current routine. Going to school forces you to re-think what normal looks and feels like and can allow you to reframe your idea of what you want out of a business.

For example, the Monday-Friday, 9-5 model can feel very unquestionable. So many businesses use this model that even if you’ve heard that four-day weeks or six-hour days can boost productivity, it’s difficult to imagine actually doing it. However, many college students function on those exact schedules or, indeed, even less traditional hours. Your time in school can help open your eyes to figuring out what forms of flexibility could work for your business.

Running a business is a fantastic career move, but it’s one that deserves proper thought and preparation. Going back to school can empower you to make the most of your business idea and give it the foundation it needs to succeed long-term.

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