Winter Just Got Much Better for Dallas

How much better? This mountain paradise is known as Gunnison-Crested Butte. You won’t find a better place to ski, sled, fish, skate, stroll, bike, or any other acitivity this winter. And now it’s easier than ever to get here.

Once you’ve arrived, it’s time to indulge in what the Gunnison Valley has to offer. Here are 11 activities that will ensure your winter is well spent this year:


An obvious choice includes Crested Butte Mountain Resort with 1,547 acres ready to be explored. Check out these webcams, which include a powcam to see how much fresh snow you’ll be skiing each day.

Dog Sledding

We know you can’t do that in Texas. We’ve got the snow and the dogs willing to take you for a ride.


There are sledding opportunities all around town and Crested Butte Mountain Resort has lift assisted tubing runs.

Fat Biking

Crested Butte will even host the first Fat Biking World Championships this year. Rent your bike for spins around town or head to the designated trails for a sweat.


Not everything here is aggressive. Sometimes just strolling through town can be enough. Take it all in; remember, this is vacation.

What else haven’t you done?​

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Author: Josh Futterman

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