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When submitting or planning an event please contact the appropriate person(s) in the Permitting and Regulation table below. For Summer events you must have your permits in to the Forest Service by February 15 and the BLM by April 15. Winter event deadlines are August 15 for the Forest Service and September 30 for the BLM.

We are now pulling events from!

This new resource in the Gunnison Valley was created to help consolidate events for visitors, and to make it easier on organizers when submitting events. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to
  • Add in your event’s information and click Submit at the bottom
  • Gunnison-Crested Butte will pull events from this calendar on a weekly basis so there’s nothing else you need to do!

While the new calendar takes all events in the Gunnison Valley, we are selective about the ones we add to ours. We primarily post tourist-focused events, or events that would add to a tourist’s experience while they’re here in the Valley.

Examples of events we add to our calendar:

Events that we don’t add to our calendar:

  • Events that are targeted at locals
  • Events where drop-ins to a long running class aren’t allowed or recommended.
  • Events that aren’t inclusive or aren’t spectator friendly. Examples include sports camps and meet-ups

Permitting and Regulation

Name Organization Phone Email
Elijah Waters Bureau of Land Management 970.642.4940
Andy Eflin City of Gunnison 970.641.0435
Danielle Beamer
Hedda Peterson
Crested Butte Land Trust
Beth Baker Gunnison County 970.641.0360
Melissa Post National Park Service 970.641.2337
Tiffany O’Connell Town of Mt. CB 970.349.6632
Lynelle Stanford Town of Crested Butte 970.349.5338
Emily Peters US Forest Service 970-641-0471

Event Submission Form

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If you would like a photo to be included with your event please email picture to Leia Morrison. Photos should be in .jpeg or .png and be smaller than 500x500.

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