Lucky Me

Nearly every day I say to myself, “I am so lucky to live here.” Wow… just typing that brings a smile to my face. I wake up in the morning, walk my dog in some of the most awe-inspiring views in the Rocky Mountains and then hop on the bus to work. Like most people in the world, we fall into routines in our daily lives and while going to work on a Monday morning still has those “man, I wish it were still the weekend” feelings, I quickly come back to my reality that I truly do “live the dream.”

A typical day, finds me at work for 8 – 9 hours a day and sometimes more. But after work, my dream begins again. For me, that dream is in the mountains. I get to ride my bike or run my dog, put the work behind me, clear my head, and just go. Crested Butte offers me the luxury of riding home on miles of single track from work or I’ll go home and ride out my back door. With the trail network in the bike park here at the resort, I may even find myself going for a lunch ride in the middle of the day, if times allows.

Favorite rides of mine on the mountain (for a good ol’ intermediate rider) are to go up Columbine and down Meander for a cross-country ride. But if I find myself on a downhill bike, Frequency and Awakening are most likely where you’ll find me. Fast, flowy and not too technical. Every year, I am amazed with what the bike crew does on the mountain to make the riding even better. Whether it is a new trail or cleaning up some of the old trails, some of the most manicured single track in the valley is right here at the ski resort, out my office door. Then on the weekend, I like to venture out a bit more for my rides. While Trail 401 is always a favorite, I find that Doctor Park Trail is one that always makes me grin from ear to ear.

While I tend to find myself mostly on my mountain bike nowadays, I can’t help but get excited to think about the USA Pro Cycling Challenge coming to Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte on Aug. 19 for the Stage 2 finish and then the Stage 3 Start the following morning on Aug. 20 in Gunnison. With the race having been here twice before, it is still hard to explain the energy and passion that exudes from everyone around as you watch these pro racers pedal their hearts out to claim victory. It is inspirational and exciting, needless to say.

It is a passion for the mountains that brought me here and one that will keep me here for years to come. Daily, I am blown away by what I see out my window and then within a few short steps or pedal strokes or ski turns, my perspective of each mountain changes, my jaw drops with what my eyes see, and again I smile. Lucky me and lucky you for visiting. I’ll see ya out and about in the mountains.

About Erica:

Erica Mueller is the Director of Innovation and Relations at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. A member of the Mueller Family who owns the operating company of CBMR, she was raised to be passionate about the ski industry, which turned into a passion for the mountains no matter the season. She has lived full time in Crested Butte since January 2010, after moving from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and her previous career of being a professional snowboard racer. You’ll find her out and about, most of the time with her black lab, Drake.

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