Leaf Peeping Report September 25th

What’s going on with the leaves in the Gunnison Valley? As you know, the valley is quite large so depending on where you are you may have a very different report than mine. For the most part, it has been a bit blustery over the past several days so some of our aspens on the exposed areas have lost their leaves. That being said there is still quite a bit of leaves waiting to turn and the golden ones that are hanging on look spectacular. Today I took a drive over Ohio Pass to Kebler, down Hwy 135 past Almont, towards Gunnison and took a “bonus” drive on County Rd 10 (Cranor Hill Rd). Here is what there was to be seen on that drive. Enjoy!

Driving up Ohio Creek Road

Looking towards Carbon and the Anthracites

“The Castles” poking their heads out of the changing leaves.

Into the aspens!

Parking lot at Swampy Pass – if you have time take a little hike here or at the Beaver Ponds trailhead a mile up the road. It is hunting season though so make sure you and your pets are wearing orange!

Rush Hour.

These aspens still have a lot of changing to do.

Gold litters the ground.

View from the top

As you head down towards Kebler there are very few, if any aspens. You won’t see colors much until Crested Butte Mountain comes into view again

Crested Butte Mountain has quite a bit of color happening, even some reds.

Into Crested Butte!

Some nice colors on 135 along the East River

Almont has some great changing leaves right now!

After turning onto County Rd 10 (Cranor Rd) the view as you cross the Gunnison River is pretty spectacular!

View from County Rd. 10

I would say if the winds stay down we have about a week of peak color to go. The percentage of turn is around 60% as of today. So the moral of this story is don’t wait! Come get your leaf peeping in before they are gone.

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