Arts, Culture, & Camps

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are a big part of Gunnison County’s heart and soul. Our small mountain communities offer a big mix of opera, film, concerts, plays, galleries, classes, and cultural venues. At both ends of the valley the art centers, theaters, and museums have offerings that fill the event calendar with a wealth of options.Music Festival Event in Mt. Crested Butte

Want to learn about our extensive history and the formation of the west? Visit the Pioneer Museum in Gunnison or the Mountain Heritage Museum in Crested Butte for a lesson in how Native Americans and early pioneers lived in Gunnison County.

Looking for fun and entertainment? Our art centers and theaters can provide everything from films and plays and art exhibitions to performances and classes. We’re blessed with amazingly talented actors, musicians and artists drawn to the areas beauty and unique vibe. However, this does not mean we don’t bring the house down with worldwide talent on a regular basis!

Camps and Kids

kids' science camp near Crested ButteGunnison and Crested Butte is teeming with activities for the both the young and old regardless of the season. Spend a week learning how to mountain bike in an all-girls bike camp, or sign your children up for one of the awesome day camps in the valley.

The best way to find camps and clinics for adults is to search our events calendar. For kids there are several places that offer camps consistently throughout the summer:

Crested Butte Mountain Resort offers the Mountain Adventures program that has the most activity diversity of any program in the valley. Depending on age, kids might climb Mt. Crested Butte, raft the Taylor, or go fishing.

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory leads nature and science camps during the summer in the gorgeous East River Valley. They even have a free chaperoned bus that does pick-up and drop-off at the 4-way stop in Crested Butte.

The Trailhead Children’s Museum is located in Crested Butte at 16 6th St. near the Teocalli bus stop and offers nature and science day camps during the summer, winter, and during school breaks.


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