Biking for Houstonians Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Outdoor biking in the summer. Just the thought of it gets us all sweaty. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, the summer heat limits riding outside to very early mornings or late evenings. Lucky for you, the other 12 hours of daylight just opened up.

No, we haven’t discovered new bike air conditioning technology. The new alternative to sweating it out this summer comes from taking yourself (or your bike) on a quick plane ride to Colorado’s Gunnison Valley, where “hot” days barely touch 80 degrees. The Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport is now offering additional direct flights to and from Houston. Get to the airport and be here, just like that.

Biking for All Ages and Ability Levels

Picture yourself riding through the cool mountain breeze, wildflowers, sunshine, and beautiful roads and trails that line the valley. Breathtaking views are revealed around every bend. Friendly locals wave and
smile. Delicious food rewards your effort at the end of your ride, whether it be a 2 mile townie course or 40 miles of singletrack. And of course there’s plenty of locally brewed ice-cold beer to wash it all down.

Crested Butte townieKids’ Strider Ride

Grab the kids, grab the Striders or training wheels and take a cruise around Gunnison or Crested Butte. The sidewalks and streets are wide enough for the tykes. A great starter ride on dirt for your kids is Evan’s Loop at Hartman Rocks. This path connects three beginner trails together that will have them riding with smiles.

Townie Ride

This is the most popular mode of transportation around Crested Butte. Rent your own and cruise around the local shops, to the farmers markets on Sundays, or just up the Lower Loop.

Road Ride

riding bikes in Crested ButteWide shoulders, serpentine descents, challenging climbs, panoramic views … the cycling around Gunnison Valley is some of the best in the country. For more info on road biking here check out

Mountain Ride

Crested Butte is known as a birthplace of mountain biking. Various renowned races dot the calendar throughout the summer and if you’re a mountain biker, you owe it yourself to experience this valley’s amazing singletrack. Trails accommodate all skill levels with memorable experiences for each one. Stop into one of the bike shops for firsthand info or visit to start planning.

Bike Rentals

There are a plethora of bike shops here to rent, fix, or purchase all the gear you’ll need:

Author: Josh Futterman

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