Best Pre-Ski Breakfast: Mt. Crested Butte

We started our breakfast series in the town of Crested Butte, this next installation covers the options that are a little closer to the ski lift action.

The Brown Lab Bakery

Grab-and-go is the name of the game at the Brown Lab/Bakery. Located slopeside, the Brown Lab is a local hangout serving up baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast burritos. A deli style case holds all the pre-made options. I prefer to grab something, strap on my skis, and cruise downhill to the lifts. The 15-minute ride up the Silver Queen is more than enough time to gobble down a nice hot breakfast.

breakfast sandwich brown lab crested butte


Coffee Lab

Located off the courtyard of Lodge at Mountaineer Square, the Coffee Lab originally started out in the town of Gothic, serving up scientists their morning coffee. In the winter, they are a bit closer to civilization and serving up hot coffee. While primarily a coffee place, there are a variety of baked goods and to go breakfast items. They even are serving up donuts made fresh at Third Bowl in the town of Crested Butte.

coffee lab crested butte

Waffle Cabin

Sometimes all I am looking for is a little boost of sugar to jump start me in the morning. The waffle cabin is located slopeside on the walk out to the lift.  Although, they do have some small items for sale, their lifeblood is their freshly made sugar waffles. Available with or without chocolate. Some mornings, I just can’t resist that sweet smell as I start my ski day.

waffle cabin crested butte

Woodstone Grill

Located on the ground floor of the Grand Lodge Hotel, the Woodstone Grill offers a breakfast buffet from 7-10 daily. While this isn’t the quickest option on the mountain, it is great when you really need to carb load before a big day on the slopes. My personal preference is the buffet, but a la carte items are available as well.

Coal Breaker Coffee

Named after the local Floresta Coal Breaker – the largest coal breaking facility west of Pennsylvania in the late 1800’s – Coal Breaker Coffee offers one-stop convenience for a morning warm up. Located on the ground level of the Treasury center and serving up pastries, crepes and coffee. If you have a sweet tooth, the Nutella crepe is my favorite.

coal breaker coffee crested butte mountain resort colorado

Photo Credit: Trent Bona/Crested Butte Mountain Resort


9380 is located on the slopeside level of the Elevation Resort. Serving a breakfast buffet or a la carte, 9380 is the closest breakfast location to the lifts. Order ahead at 9380prime.com and pickup on the way to the slopes. 9380 is a testing grounds for a new ordering system created by THRST. This system allows the customer to order and pay online without interacting with a waiter. This allows customers to easily order while on the chairlift, then ski up to the bar a pick up the food. Don’t miss a beat on the next powder day.

9380 elevation crested butte


Author: Andrew Sandstrom

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