Partnerships & Marketing Opportunities

Our role at the Tourism and Prosperity Partnership (TAPP) is to promote the Gunnison Valley as a year round vacation destination. We have partnerships with the Chambers of Commerce and local businesses to bring people to the Gunnison Valley and deliver a fantastic visitor experience.

Our stated goals for 2020 are to outpace our competitive set in growth in occupancy (as measured by DestiMetrics) and hit 70% load factors on all MRG flights into the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport. During the winter months, we focus on Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, and fat biking. During the summer, our largest efforts are invested in mountain biking, but we also promote the great variety of experiences in the Gunnison Valley.

Gunnison Valley Marketing and Event Grant Cycle

Our current grant cycle was completed in October 2019 for all winter/spring/fall events through October 2020. If you are looking for information for our next grant cycle for 2020/2021 events and marketing, we’ll update our information here in August 2020. Key highlights to prep for our grant cycle:

  • We are shifting to a single annual grant cycle. The next grant cycle after this will not take place until October 2020.
  • We will not provide grants to any applicants that have event dates between July 1 and August 16.
  • Any organization applying for funds must send a representative to one mandatory educational session. We will offer two. One will be held in Gunnison at the ICELab @ Western. The second one will be held in Mt. Crested Butte at the Elevation Hotel Board Room. If you have any questions about these educational sessions, please email Bryan Boyle.
  • Funding requests for sustainable tourism initiatives are not appropriate for this grant cycle and should instead be addressed to the Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Recreation (STOR) committee.

To submit a Gunnison Valley event or marketing grant please review the information below and email your application to Bryan Boyle at [email protected]. All grant proposals will be evaluated based on the attached rubric. Questions about our rubric (page 3 below) and scoring on your Gunnison Valley grant can be directed to Board member Wynn Williams.

Download the Gunnison Valley Event and Marketing Grant Packet for 2019/2020

Marketing Partnerships

Our website is the definitive source for visitors to the Gunnison Valley. It’s also home to the valley’s most comprehensive events calendar for visitors. All local tourism-related businesses and event organizers have the opportunity to be featured in our business directory and on our event calendar.

If you do not have a listing on this website and feel you should, please reach out to Bryan Boyle, GCBTA Marketing Director.

If you already have a partner account, but you’re having trouble accessing your business listing, email Daniel Kreykes, GCBTA Social Media Manager for assistance.


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